Application Flow

  • Select “OPEN” at “Application for Admission to J-TAS Association” to access to required forms for admission.
  • Fill in all the required items on “Application for Admission”, “Company Information” and “Letter of Commitment (Pledge)” and submit online to
  • Print out the three completed forms above and sign in the designated spaces on “Application for Admission” and “Letter of Commitment (Pledge)”
  • Send the originals of above two signed forms together with “Company Information” to the JBA by airmail (or courier)
  • Upon receiving both online application and airmailed forms, J-TAS Committee examines qualifications of the applicant.

    Applicant will be informed of either “qualified” or “disqualified” as J-TAS Member. At the same time, the qualified applicant will receive an invoice for the admission fee and the first annual membership fee as well as the security deposit. Once those three fees are paid to JBA, ID and password to access to the J-TAS documents and other information online will be given to the qualified applicant.